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Quality Propane Services is a private firm supplying a wide range of propane products and services to homes as well as businesses in the Big Horn Basin area. Our broad scope of utilitarian offerings incorporates propane, propane parts & accessories, weed burner torch rentals, BBQs, tank rentals, and RVs. We are also an authorized provider of Generac sales and services. We are a complete propane service business catering to every home and business within a 100-mile radius from Powell, WY.

Weed Burner Torch Rentals


We lease multiple styles of propane weed burner torches that can be utilized for eliminating weeds in your yard or nursery, as well as for brush and grass. They can create temperatures over 3000ยบ F effortlessly when you attach them to any conventional 20 lb. tank.



Propane BBQs are perfect for those who barbecue regularly. Many have a single-press-button start. In this way, you’ll be barbecuing in a matter of moments and the cleanup is rather simple too. They permit you to control the warmth effectively as well. Additionally, 20 lb. propane tanks give around 25 hours of barbecuing time.

Propane tank

Tank Rental

Leasing a propane tank from us is simple. We ensure proper maintenance of the tanks, so any fixes are on us, thereby saving you money and time. You can also get the propane you need for the leased tank from us at a competitive price.



At Quality Propane Services, we are committed to providing generators that are built to the highest quality, with useful features, the best designs, the perfect addition to your emergency preparedness supplies.

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Generac Authorized Sales & Service Dealer


We are proud to be an authorized seller of traditional Generac generators in Powell, Wyoming, and can also provide standard servicing options for the same. The majority of our clients follow the service and assistance recommended for their specific generator.

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